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Composition : Eaeh kgofMycocura Plus granules eontains

Erythromycin Thiocyanate       50 g

Chlortetracycline HCI                85 g

Excipients                                       q. s.


  • As an  aid  in  prevention  & control of    M ycoplasma  gallisepticum, M ycoplasma synouiae, fowl cholera, Infectious coryza, Colibaeillosis, CRD, CCRD
  • For  increased  rate of weight  gain, egg production and improved feed efficiency
Erythromycin Chlortetracycline

M ycoplasma (CRD)

Mycoplasma (CRD)
E.Coli (+M=CCRD)
lsalmonella spp
A. paragallinarum A. pOT’agallinarum

(Infectious coryza)

P. multocida P. multocida

(Fowl cholera)



  • In feed stability
  • Combination synergism
  • Convenient application
  • Totally compatible with ionophores



  • Improves egg production
  • Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Supports productive & reproductive performance
  • Improves health status of flock

Recommended Usage :

  • Administer Mycocura Plus feed premix at the rate of 1 kg per tonne of feed or as advised by Veterinarian
  • Mycocura Plus is compatible with usage of Salinomycin, Monensin or Narasi

Mycocura Plus MOA :

Protein synthesis in bacteria

  • Bacterial growth needs constant  protein synthesis
  • BOth 50s & 30s subunits of ribosome need to Come together to form a protein

Protein synthesis inhibited by Mycocura


  • Erythomycin binds 50s ribosomal subunit
  • CTC binds 30s ribosomal subunit
  • Synergy improves bacterial protein synthesis inhibition efficacy

Presentation : 25 Kg Bag