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Bactocura BMD contains Bacitracin Methylene DÏ5alicylate 10% in granular from, an antibacterial feed additive, which is recommended for improving rate ofweight gain and increasing the feed efficiency in poultry. It is active in prevention 6 control of Clostridium perfringens, the causative agent of necrotic enteritis


  • As an aid in prevention 6 control of necrotic enteritis caused or complicated by Clostridium spp. or other organism 5u5ceptible to Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate
  • For increased rate of weight gain, egg production and improved feed efficiency

Growth Promoting Mechanism:

At recommended in feed usage, Bactocura BMD resists harmful bacteria secreting toxins, to reduce inflammation, thus making bird’5 inte5tinal wall thinner and villU5 longer to increase the permeability environment of the intestinal mucosa and improve metabolic environment in bowel, finally promoting absorption and utilization of nutrients in intestine. Bactocura BMD Significantly reduces the production of ammonia and toxic amine5 in the inte5tinal tract of bird and facilitates digestion and absorption of nutrients

Mechanism ofAction :

Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate of Bactocura BMD WOfk5 With following action spectrum

  • Inhibit5 cell wall synthesis by combining with free phosphate groups of lipoproteins in microbial cell membrane
  • Change the cell permeability of microbe leading to disruption in its osmotic balance


• Not absorbed from the intestinal tract, thus no

withdrawal period needed

  • deduces subclinical and clinical disease incidences, re5ulting in greater productivity and decreased morbidity/mortality
  • Bacitracin Methylene DiSalicylate i5 not included in the FDA/CVM Ii5t of medically important antibiotics for human health
  • Has wide margin ofsafety

Recommendation & Usage:

Mixing Directions: Thoroughly mix 200g to 500g of Bactocura BMD in one tonne of complete poultry feed to provide from 20 to 50 ppm of bacitracin activity. The dosage should be adjusted to meet the severity of the disease challenge, which varies with management & environmental conditions

Feeding Directions: Feed continuously as the sole ration. It i5 recommended that a preblend of Bactocura BMD in 8- T 0 kg of feed to be made before incorporating it into the total amount of finished feed. MU5t be thoroughlymixed into feed before use


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