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Avilyte CEZ is a synergistic blend of

electrolytes, minerals & vitamins to combat

associated the heat stress and improve the productive

and reproductive performance of birds alongwith cooling action of menthol

Composition : Each kg contains
Potassium chloride 70 g
Sodium chloride 100 g
Sodium bicarbonate b0 g
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Sodium acid phosphate 10 g
Monosodium phosphate 10 g
Disodium phosphate 10 g
Calcium lactate 50 g
Calcium gluconate 10 g
Magnesium sulfate 10 g
Vitamin C 70 g
Zinc 25 g
Selenium 50 mg
Vitamin E 10 g
Menthol 2 g
Dextrose .S


  • Prevents  heat  stress  &  associated Or icy
  • Provides a ready source ofenergy
  • Improves productive & reproductive performance offlock
  • Prevents body water loss



  • The electrolyte salt formulations from Avilyte CEZ provide comprehensive ion supplementation to maintain body homeostasis and mineral balance
  • Vitamin E & C protects against stress, oxidative damage & improves immunity
  • Iron & Selenium from Avilyte CEZ

provides immunomodulatory benefits

  • Menthol in the formulation offers water cooling benefits and supports water consumption
  • Dextrose in the formulation offers excellent product base providing readily available source of energy and water solubility


Recommended Usage :

0.5 g per litre of drinking water or lkg per tonne of feed for a period of 3 to 5 days or as recommended by poultry nutritionist