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Composition : Each kg of free flowing Larvaban powder  contains Cyromazine (feed grade) 20 g Yucca sehidigera extract Excipients    q. s.



Larvaban is a feed premix. When blended into the poultry ration according to the directions for use given below, will help in controlling nuisance fly species which develop in litter. Larvaban as well helps in reducing litter ammonia level

Recommended Usage :

Mix 250 g of Larvaban to each tonne of the bird’s normal feed for using such feed when flies become active. Continue for 4-6week until the flypopulation is under control. Then discontinue Larvaban and repeat the same when the flies re-establish themselves. The use of an adulticide between the Larvaban usage is recommended


Larvaban admix to feed is resumed when an adulticide cannot control fly population any longer

Featzzre Advantage Benefit





(Insect Growth Regulator)

Infeed application reduces stress to birds, product applied by bird directly ensures its complete spread & efficacy Inhibits the larval development & its further growth to adult stages, breaking the fly life cycle




Yucca schidigera extract


Improvement in productive performance

The use of Yucca extract in poultry feed has an important role in augmenting bird’s groWth performance & efficiency to utilize feed, protein and energy  

Improved metabolic ef’ficiency, better egg weight & better FCR



Ammonia binding

ef’ icacy


Saponin, as the main chemical component of Y. schidigera extract physically binds ammonia, reducing the level of ammonia in litter

& environment


Controls ammonia levels, which supports for better litter status and as well compliments to GIT & respiratory system health






Synergistic action of combination

Combination supports for control of fly larvae along with healthy GIT, respiratory system & litter conditions with better nutrient absorption

& productive performance


Inhibition of fly larvae development & fly population control along

with improved productive performances

Presentation : 25 Kg Bag