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Coccicura S is a broad spectrum anticoccidial containing granular from of salinomycin, a polyether monovalent ionophore compound. Coccicura S has 12% salinomycin which has broad spectrum of activity against serval life cycle stages ofeoccidiosis


For the prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chickens & rearing pullets (up to 12 weeks of age only) caused by Eimeria tenella, E. aceruulina, E.maxima, E. necatrix, E. brunetti, E. mitis and E. praecox

Mechanism of Action :

Coccicura S exhibits its activity by forming complexes with cations, with a particular affinity to potassium ions which affects the latter’s transport in and out of the eoccidial cell. The resulting disturbance in the parasite’s intercellular ion concentration causes swelling and ballooning of sporozoites and merozoites (free-living stages of coccidia), consequently killing the parasite. Coccicura S also exhibits pronounced activity against Gram positive bacteria, especially anaerobes like Clostridium perfringens, the causative agent of Necrotie Enteritis.


  • Protects Intestinal Integrity
  • Prevents coccidiosis to reduce risk of bacterial enteritis
  • Improves performance (FCR) & ROI
  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Granular consistency supports good flow & dispersion in permixes and feed
  • Stable in all common methods of processing and preparation of the feed
  • Effective mechanism of action reduces the risk of resistance development
  • Effective for usage in all seasons without any adverse effect on feed & water consumption


  • Do not allow turkeys. horses or other equines access to formulations containing Coccicura S as the ingestion could lead to fatal outcomes
  • Do not administer to chicken reared for laying over 12 week of age
  • Do not feed undiluted to birds. Poultry should not be treated with tiamulin for at least ten days before or after receiving feed containing Coccicura S
  • This coccidiostat should not be mixed or used simultaneously with any other medicinal product having a similar effect

Recommendation& Usage

Mixing Directions:

Thoroughly mix the following amounts of Coccicura S in one tonne of complete poultry feed to provide from 50 to 70 ppm of salinomycin activity. The dosage should be adjusted to meet the severity of the coccidial challenge, which varies with management & environmental conditions

Target species Minimum and maximum content of salinomycin in complete poultry feed (ppm) Minimum and maximum quantity of Coccicura S to be incorporated in feed (g per tonne) Maximum age
Broiler chickens 60  70 500  583
Rearing pullets 50 417 12 weeks

Feedizzg Directiozzs :

Feed continuously as the sole ration. It is recommended that a preblend of Coccicura S in 8-10 kg of feed to made before incorporating it into the total amount of finished feed. Coccicura S formulated feed should be fed as a sole source of ration from day one to marketable age, with one day of withdrawal period. For replacement pullets. Coccicura S formulated feed could be fed up to the maximum age of 12 weeks.

Presentation : 25 kg Bag