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omposition :

Each kg of Bactocura Enra 8 feed premix contains 80 g of Enramycin HCL in granular form


Enramycin acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme, MurG, which is essential for cell wall biosynthesis in Gram-positive bacteria. MurG catalyses the transglycosylation reaction in the last step of peptidoglycan biosynthesis. Inhibiting this step greatly compromises cell wall integrity leading to cell lysis

Indications :

Strong antibacterial effect primarily against Gram-positive bacteria (e.g. Clostridium perfringens), which causes necrotic enteritis and growth depression in poultry

Benefits :

  • Improves flock intestinal health, resulting in better feed efficiency
  • Improves growth performance at very low inclusion levels
  • Improves weight gain and feed conversion
  • Reduces wet droppings in poultry
  • No cross resistance between Enramycin HCl and other available antibiotics
  • No detectable residues in tissues

No side effect

Dosage & Administration Broilers :

  • Starter & pre-starter feed – 63 to 125 g/tonne of feed
  • Finisher – 38 to 125 g/tonne of feed

Layers and Breeders :

  • 63 to 125 g/tonne of feed

Or, as directed by the Veterinary Practitioner

Withdrawal Period :

7 days

Precautions :

Avoid use in laying hens.

Presentation :

25 Kg Bag