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Avimin Plex is a comprehensive blend of organic & inorganic trace minerals with all the major trace  minerals being glycine chelated, offering a better bioavailabity & efficacy of the formulatlO/

Composition: Each kilogram of Avimin PIex contain5

Trace Mineral                        Concentration

Manganese                              75 g

Zinc                                            65 g

Copper                                      10 g

Iron                                             65 g

Iodine                                        4 g

Selenium                                   600 mg

Cobalt                                        500 mg

Chromium                                200 mg

Molybdenum                            50 rng



  • Supports bird’5 mineral balance and normal *O”€’OSt*SS
  • Supports skeletal integrity 6 Structure of bones 6 tissues
  • Increases productive & reproductive performance
  • Improves FCC, ROI, hatchability & futility
  • Supports immune system function
  • Supports a5 cofactors for enzyme system functioning
  • deduces stress, mortality & improve5 flock performance

Glycine Chelate Features :

  • Glycine ha5 the lowest molecular weight among5t AA with a high bonding capacity to the mineral, making it superiorly stable
  • Glycine has a specific site of ab5orption (active and Q05Sive) in the intestine compared to Methionine, Cystine etc. Glycine chelated o rganic m inerals ha ve much grea ter bioavailability through increased Selective transport of peptides at GUTIeveI
  • Glycine chelates form a hOmogenou5 dispersion in the GUT inducing optimal absorption. Low pH of Glycine chelate5, reduce5 the sen5itivity to the acidic conditions of digestive tract and the ab5Of|DtlON 0 fminer IS iS im r ved
  • Glycine che!ates remain as a cfie!ate until absorbed and does not interact with other GUT constituents
  • Glycine chelates are non hazardous and are environmentally safe products

Usage Directions:

For brOiler5 6 layers: 500 g per tonne of feed

Breeders: T kgper tonne of fed

Or a5 directed by Poultry Nutritionist

Presentation: 25 Kp Bap