Aquaenzymix is innovative blend of cocktail enzymes with combination of NSP’degrading enzymes (Cellulase, Xylanase,Beta Glucanase, Penctinase), nutrient digesting enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Lipase), (phytase) & Prebiotic (MOS).

Aquaenzymix offers the complete GUT health protection package with comprehensive nutrient digestion & GUT microflora miantenance resulting in better FCR & productivity with flock uniformity

Usage :


250 g/tonne of complete feed for broilers, layers & breeders, premixing is recommended to offer

uniform product application. i.e., 250 g/tonne of Aquaenzymix to be mixed with 15-20 kg of the feed & the same feed to be used for formulation of final 1 tonne of finished feed Or as recommended by Veterinarian

Aqua in feed usage-

5-10kg/tonne of Aqua feed

5 kg/tonne for regular usage and 10 kg/tonne in case of disease or challenging conditions

Presentation :25 kg Bag





Enzyme Activity IU/Kg

Cellulase                           NLT 30000000

Xylanase                           NLT 10000000

Beta-Glucanase               NLT 750000

Phytase                              NLT 40000

Alpha-Amylase                 NLT 500000

Pectinase                            NLT 5000

Protease                              NLT 100000

Lipase                                  NLT 10000

MOS                                    NLT 100 g


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