Aquacifeed is comprehensive blend of acidifiers which reduces the & GUT pH Inhibiting the growth of harmful microbes. At low pH undissociated acid are lipophilic and can diffuse across cell membranes of bacteria & molds.

Once in the bacterial cell, the higher pH of cytoplasm cause dissociation  the acids, and the resulting reduction in pH due to the release of H+ disrupt the enzymatic reactions & nutrient transport system. Molecule of organic acid also attacks the DNA of bacteria resulting it to death

Usage : 


500 g to 1 kg/ tonne  of complete feed for broilers, layers & breeders, premixing is recommended to offer uniform product application. i.e.,500 g to 1 kg/tonne of Aquacifeed to be mixed with 15-20 kg of the feed & the same feed to be used for formulation of final 1 tonne of finished feed Or as recommended by Veterinarian

Aqua in feed usage –

5-10kg/tonne of Aqua feed

5 kg /tonne for regular usage and 10 kg/tonne in case of disease or challenging conditions

Presentation : 10 kg Drum




Composition :

In Each kg

Acetic acid                             65 gm

Propionic acid                       80 gm

Benzoic acid                           4 gm

Formic acid                            75 gm

Citric acid                                110 gm

Beta Glucan                             5 gm

Sodium butyrate                     15 gm

Tartaric acid                             55 gm

MOS                                           15 gm

HSCAS                                       Q.S.


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